Sneha Sachar

Sneha is an energy professional with significant experience in energy efficiency, utility DSM, and strategic energy management. She is passionate about developing market transformation strategies that influence how energy decisions are made at micro and macro levels. Prior to joining AEEE, Sneha spent 16 years working in the US, first as a Senior Consultant with a global engineering services firm, and then as a Lead Programme Manager of energy services with one of the largest utilities in North America. Her experience includes strategic planning, development of energy efficiency programmes, advancing integrated energy solutions including renewables, and developing energy roadmaps for public and private entities. Prior to working in the US, Sneha was a practicing architect in New Delhi.

Sneha has a B.Arch. from Institute of Environmental Design in India, an MBA from University of South Carolina, USA, and a professional certification in Sustainability and Energy Policy from University of California, Berkeley, USA.